"Mastering is about more than making a record loud; it's about enhancing the music on an emotional level in a way that translates across different systems.  This requires not only technical ability but the ability to connect with the music and understand how to bring it to life.  I've had the opportunity to work with many great mastering engineers over the years and none are able to achieve this better than Trevor Case.  His love of music in a wide range of genres, passion for creating the best experience for the listener and eagerness to communicate has made him my number one choice regardless of the genre I'm mixing."

Eric Racy - Platinum Selling Mix Engineer and Producer, Unicorn Whisperer

Katy Perry, Tyga, Kelly Clarkson, Troye Sivan, Alessia Cara

www.ericracy.com  www.blackboxanalog.com

"Trevor was recommended to me a couple years ago by a client and I am so thankful that we connected.  After we initially talked, Trevor sent me 'before and afters' of mixes and then his masters.  He definitely brought the best out of the recordings and elevated them to a new level.  We have since worked together on several projects and I have to say his skills and work ethic are second to none"

Bart McKay - Multiple Juno and Canadian Country Music Award Winning Producer, Mixer and Musician

Brett Kissel, Gord Bamford, Doc Walker, Samara Young


"Thanks, man!  You have been fantastic in all this.  I just had a full listen and it's the best mastering experience I've had in all of our ten albums!!"

Dave Wasyliw - Doc Walker

Juno and Canadian Country Music Award winning musician and song writer with over 20 Top 10 Singles


"Mastering is the "secret sauce'" of a record.  It can go unnoticed when done well, but if it's off the mark the entire process of producing, recording and mixing is wasted.  Case Mastering has always provided me with spicy, accurate and pristine masters.  Trevor's passion and expertise makes him easy to work with and his mix notes have become a valuable step in my producing process.  Mastering really comes down to two things: a great set of ears and world-class equipment.... and Case Mastering has both!"

Hal Schrenk - Juno, Western Canadian Music and Six Time SCMA Award winning Drummer/Rhythmatist/Producer

Codie Prevost, Crystal Shawanda, Jeffery Straker, Rosie & the Riveters, Amanda Hagel, Jay & Jo, the Buzzardline


""Trevor's attention to detail and willingness to guide me through the process of mastering was fantastic!! He made sure I ended up with a professional product in my hands.  The product was so fantastic, I ended up winning "Best International Album" at the Indigenous Music Awards in 2015."

Felipe Gomez - Bass Invaders


"As an audio engineer, mastering is the final polish before my work hits the ears of the client, the radio, the TV, the theatre, and the audience.  So I put the utmost importance on having the best master no matter the cost.  I've sent the same mix to different mastering studios (a few times) to let them shoot it out........so my ears could be the final judge.  Honestly, it doesn't matter the genre - pop, EDM, indie, acoustic, country, choral/orchestral or good ol' rock and roll, Case Mastering has put out the best masters I've heard, period.  I've done the comparisons.  I know the product sounds loud yet musical, fat but clean and I know it's a big reason why my clients keep returning to my studio.  Trevor at Case Mastering has my full endorsement."

Sound Lounge by tBone


"I've been a professional recording artist for over 20 years and have worked in some of the biggest studios with heavyweight producers.  I can honestly say the Trevor Case's mastering work ranks up there with the best of the best in the business.  I love that he takes the time to give each project his full focus and attention and we are fortunate to have a world-class facility right here in Saskatoon."

Earl Pereira - Three Time Juno Award Nominee


"I've had Trevor on speed-dial since 2014, when he mastered #Humanimation, the WCMA-nominated album by my band Sparky.  I'm not sure if he possesses magical powers, or if simply having good ears and glorious mastering tools is enough to explain the sonic results he achieves.  This, in addition to being a personable guy who communicates well, makes Trevor my go-to mastering engineer."

Christian Douglas - Recordist/Mixer

Sparky, Lavagoat, GrizzlyHawk, Drew Tofin, The Basement Paintings


"Whether he is working on a project for a new local artist on a budget, or mastering for an international star, Trevor Case's approach is the same - he is absolutely passionate about the final product being the best that it can be.  On more than one occasion, he has made constructive comments on my initial mixes that have resulted in a better sounding final product.  An absolute gem of a talent tucked away in the Canadian Prairies, and an indispensable part of my team."

Jesse Brown - Pianist/Composer


"Trevor Case.....AKA 'Ninja Master'..... This dude kind of fell onto our lap at the most crucial time of producing our first EP.  With so many online mastering services, and not a lot of real mastering technicians in our area, we were lucky to find this guy.  He knows music, and could relate to the sound we were looking for, even more than initially imagined.  That's the challenge.  He makes it exceptionally easy to relay your vision, and takes that vision to a level you didn't even know you wanted or could achieve.  We have worked with him exclusively since then and just completed our first full-length album "Into the Wolf's Mouth' by our band GrizzlyHawk.

Jorge Truly - GrizzlyHawk



"I've been working with Trevor Case for over a decade.  From day one, as a beginner to the world of recording and mixing in 2003, Trevor taught me techniques that I still use to this day.  As a mastering engineer, what stands out to me the most is his versatility and dedication to getting the master just right for you.  He doesn't stop until you're both convinced that a song or project is all that it was meant to be.  I recommend him to every musician and engineer that I come into contact with.  He's professional, meticulous and he cares about you and your art.

David "Terrain" Johnston


The best masters I've ever had on my mixes, combined with extremely reasonable rates, makes Case Mastering my go-to mastering studio!  They can take your masters in a specific direction or are comfortable taking artistic direction if needed.  They are easy to communicate with and have the best analog and digital gear around.  I can't recommend Case Mastering enough!

Matthew Facca - Recording Engineer/Producer

"I bring all my projects to Case Mastering.  Trevor's tuned ears and insightful feedback have been invaluable to my work, and have changed my perception of what a finished piece of music should sound like."

Max Greening - AKA Flatland Sound Studio


"The Noble Liars has had the pleasure of working with Case Mastering for our past three albums.  The quality is exceptional with full dynamics and clear, clean mastering.  Trevor was a pleasure to work with and communicated with our producers and ourselves to ensure we got the product we wanted.  The rates are exceptional as well, meeting industry standard for high quality, experienced mastering.  The Noble Liars and myself will always turn to Case Mastering for any of our future music due to his prompt service, high quality mastering and generally being a pleasure to work with."

Mike Nicholaichuk - The Noble Liars



"It's very easy communicating with this guy.  We spend little time explaining what we need from our masters, simply because he gets it - and he nails it every time.  Also, the facilities are top-notch.  It makes a HUGE difference when you choose Case Mastering.  Highly recommended.

Jono Cruz/Lee Chan - VBRTR


"Not being the technical type in regards to the inner workings of studio engineering, I never really understood what the concept of "mastering" was.  I knew bits and pieces about it but hearing the work that Trevor from Case Mastering did on my band's album (Wenches and Rogues) really brought it to light.  He was fast and extrememly accommodating for whatever we wanted.  Being a six piece band, it's not easy facing the opinions of six people, but Trevor answered all the questions and killed any worry we had without the slightest of issues!  The album sounds awesome and we have Case Mastering to thank for putting the amazingly polished, finishing touches on the great job our studio engineers did.  Wenches and Rogues will, without a doubt, be a returning customer".

Trevor Merrigan - Wenches and Rogues



"Case Mastering has consistently polished and balanced the tone of my music and does so in the most professional and reliable manner.  I'd recommend him to anybody!"

Micheal Lander - Recording Artist/Studio XII Music & Dance Co.


"Working with Case Mastering really took the guess work out of the final critical step of releasing a record.  On top of delivering phenomenal masters, both on budget and on time, Trevor provided crucial mix notes and helped many of our tracks reach their full sonic potential."

Matt Stinn - Artist/Recording Engineer


"Case Mastering has served our needs once again.  Having Trevor's expertise and experience involved in our music project has definitely enhanced our sound.  He is easy to work with and fairly priced.  He worked close with us to be able to make our transition from masters to duplication a smooth sail.  We will use Case Mastering again for future projects."

Chady Nasr - Parab Poet and the Hip Hop Hippies


"I've had the pleasure of having Trevor work on two projects I released in 2016 - The first was a three Cover Song Summer Release Series and the second was my Christmas album titled "Listen With Your Heart'. The first things I noticed immediately about Trevor was his great level of professionalism as well as the prompt completion of each project. It also became obvious after chatting with Trevor that he has a great passion and love of what he does. He is someone I realized I could trust with my art and this is something that I feel is invaluable in the music world today. The finished product was outstanding!"


Amanda Hagel - Canadian Country Music Recording Artist


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